Initial Impressions Of Digimon Battle

DB01Digimon, Digital Monsters, Digimon are the Champions! When Digimon came out, I was obsessed, got the Digital pet as I thought finally a boy version of Tamagotchi came out. I played the card game, watched 4 out of the 5 anime series, and collected the figures, all while being obsessed with Pokemon at the same time. Last week, WeMade brought its Korean made Digimon MMORPG to America as Digimon Battle and I got into the Beta. The Open Beta is of course free and one can go here to join. If you would like to know what your putting your self into before you go on and do some adventures in the Digital World, maybe this post will help you decide if it’s worth your time or not. Now join me, as go on to the Digital World after the jump.

So, I was a fan of Digimon World and Digimon World 3 from the PS1 era. They were fun RPG’s, with the focus of raising your Digimon to Ultimate and Mega form and Digimon Battle pretty much have that core game play. Digimon Battle is based on the 3rd series of the anime, Digimon Tamers (which I think was the weakest of the first four series I have watched). With that, you are a Tamer and with your partner Digimon, you go on to the world of the Digital World to fight other digital monsters and to go on missions.DB02

Now the core game play lets you go around freely to grind your Digimon’s level. Some NPC’s  give you battle missions to go do, in which I found out that while traveling to your destinations, is more than enough grinding that you will need for your Digimon. Within 30 or so minitues, my Gigimon leveled up to 11 and Digivolved into Guilmon. As far as battle missions go, so far, what I have been assigned has been to fight a certain Digimon a number of times. When you find a Digimon out in the field, there is a chance of facing up to three of that Digimon at once.

Once you do get into a battle, the battle system is a simple turn base battle system. In which you wait your turn and attack when you can, and most of the time, you’ll be able to defeat the enemy before they could even hit you, which is nice when griding. After the battles, some items may be dropped and it can range from being food, cards, disk, or an item related to the Digimon you just defeated.They have Digimon cards in it since thats what Tamers do (and was introduced in the Digimon Tamers anime), basically you card slash a certain card that gives your Digimon a certain power-up or skill for that battle. Disks helps with your stats and food recovers your health. The items related to the Digimon are important, they may seem useless as you go on and pick up Koromon’s Tears but when you get enough, they can be merged into a DigiCrest or DigiEgg, which helps your stats big time. Also, once your partner Digimon is level 11, you can start catching other Digimon as the game allows you to have a team of 3.40240z7954282407

Now I guess it would be time to say this, but this is my first MMORPG. Yes thats right, I broke my MMORPG cherry with Digimon, and to be honest, I’m glad this is my first as I have been enjoying this a lot more than I expected to. Just the nostalgia feeling and recognizing old Digimon from the first series just puts a smile on my face. As far as price goes, they have not announced anything so far for the US version, but over in Korea, the game made its money in the form of micro-transaction so it can be safe to assume they will do the same here, we’ll find out more when the beta ends next month.

The game is simple and fun and if you had some love for the Digimon franchise in the past, this may be worth checking out. Also, I can easily recommend this to a parent for their kids to play as there is nothing bad for kids..unless you have a problem with evolution and such. My final word, sure it may be a beta, but think of it as a long extended free demo and check it out, if you don’t like it, you could just easily delete it off you computer, as for me, I’ll be playing this when ever I can while singing the Digi Rap from the first movie.

Website to get and sign-up for the Beta: Digimon Battle

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