It’s true, it’s DAMN True.  Early Wednesday, March 17 Nicholas Brandon, meek geek of Buffy the Vampire fame was tazered and arrested for taking a swing at police officers. It has been reported that police were notified of a drunk man making a commotion in Venice California.

When the cops showed up Xander took to flight (Ran) making police give chase. When they finally caught up to Season one Loser, he decided the proper thing to do to a cop would be HAYMAKER (wild swing)!!!!! He was then immediately tazered twice then brought to a hospital where he was booked for felony vandalism (allegedly) damaging property during the beef.

Sarah Michele Gell-Lar could not be reached (by me) for comment. But its mornings like these that a cup of coffee isn’t the only thing that makes you warm on the inside!!!

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