3256_lg_5Are you a gamer? Do you want to get some street cred? You want to impress the ladies? Do you have an ass-load of money and don’t care what you spend it on? If yes to the last question then maybe this is for you. The folks at So Icy Jewelry thought for those cool gamers would want to rep their gamer cred by selling this cool Mario pendant thats made out of diamond. They are selling it on ebay but no one has bid on it since it only seems to have the buy it now option. In which this Mario pendant is retailed at the whooping $9000 can be yours for the not so low $2600. I seriously want to see the pic of the person who buys this because goddamn this is just too much a waste of money in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, Mario is awesome and is a videogame icon but still… is this necessary. Then again, if someone made a blinged out Power Buckler from the Power Rangers I would totally wear it.

Source: Kotaku, ebay page

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