Repo Men Movie Review


Repomen with Jude Law. Who would have thought this day and age, a classically trained stage performer with a best bud Academy Award winner comrade in arms would bust out a cool, dirty sci-fi flick. This movie is not close to a homerun, and I’m afraid it will not come without jarring insults and possibly be slighted by the PROFESSIONAL movie goer as well as low down dirty Nerdbastard.

To say it bluntly “I” loved Repomen.

Set in the not so unrealistic, reasonably distant  future, people with failing organs sit in an office like a DMV and wait to be sold genetically designed mechanized body parts.  But like the car dealership, your new lease on life comes with a fine print disclaimer, that if failure to pay after your 90 day warning, comes the Repomen to do…Well yes exactly what you’d expect. Jude Law is the best in the office at what he does, like a remorseless sociopath he will come and collect your organs with several bloody and squeamish extractions. That is, until, Law and best scene stealing partner of WHAT?! Comic relief??!!! Forest Whitaker?? Yes. Delightfully so…Becomes one of the hunted needing a heart transplant and falling behind on payments.

You have the douchebag management run deliciously by the Wolverine Saver Liev Schrieber, who plays terrifically as head tyrant. So where’s there an issue? My review has been sorta peachy so far? There is the fan base of the Repo: The Genetic Opera screaming that everything but the dialog was stolen from the cult hit…Which…Well,yeah, I have to admit kinda was, even down to the jazzy noir swagger the music lent to the film. There is also the running time. It could have been shaved down a few minutes, being well over the 2 hour mark with a lot of establishing scene shots lead by Law’s long, and startlingly good voice over. And just one more thing.

An ending. SPOILER ALERT: The ending of this movie was a cheap shot by a long shot and had every last person in the theater but myself saying “What the Fuck?!” Literally.

One more thing. With a scene to rival Neo in The Matrix running down through the lobby with his satchel of machine guns in slow mo…AND Leonidas in 300 breaking rank in the first Persian encounter and shredding 2 dozen men alone…Law is set to take “Coolest slow mo fight scene” to new heights with only two daggers and a hacksaw against 8 or 9 other Repomen. So much so, I get the goosebumps thinking about it.

I am a movie enthusiast like a wine connoisseur, and “That Shit Makes Me Bat Shit Crazy!!!” I fall into film like a sensory deprivation tank, for therapeutic purposes..And scenes like that…As frivolous as they are to regular folks are the reasons I see movies.

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