super_heroesArtist Das Chupa brings us superheroes…as elements.

Think of where America might be had someone thought of this earlier. Comic book geeks in high schools everywhere would’ve been that much better at chemistry because they could frame experiments as superhero battles.

Oh sure, maybe a few chem labs would get blown up, but that’s the price of progress, dammit!

In addition to thorium, americium, and iron, Das Chupa also has a picture for krypton. No fair guessing which superhero that represents.

It would be cool to see some more of these. Maybe rhodium (War Machine), sulphur (Nightcrawler. Too much of a stretch?), silver (Silver Surfer, natch), or even manganese for Japanese comic heroes. Feel free to post your quite likely better suggestions in the comments. And the Metal Men don’t count. Neither does Metamorpho, the Element Man.

(via io9)

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