WB Wants To Make A Live Action BLEACH Movie?

ichigo-hollow2-copieWarner Brothers has been going on an Anime craze lately with getting rights on a live action Akira movie, then a Death Note movie, and then a Ninja Scroll… and now BLEACH. Well, they are still trying to get the rights to make one and I think a live action BLEACH movie would be cool but the producer they have in mind is what worries me. They are talks with Peter Segal (Get Smart, Longest Yard) to produce and I just don’t know, don’t get me wrong, Get Smart and Longest Yard were enjoyable but not great. Even if Viz would help to produce, I feel it’s just them there to supervise and making sure they got the names right and such. What do you guys think? Do ya’ll think Warner Brothers can make a movie that will please the fans or will we see people have a funeral for Ichigo in front of a movie theater. Or if your excited by this news, who do you want casted, because I have no idea who can be who… then again, maybe my lack of sleep could be bothering my brain process or I just don’t want Justin Chatwin or Zack Efron (rumored to be cast as Light in the Death Note movie) as in my BLEACH.

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

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