nintendo_dsi_xl3DReally Nintendo? Just five days before the release of the Nintendo DSi XL in the States, you go on and announce a whole new DS? Seems like Nintendo has the Apple iPod mindset now seeing how we will see this new handheld release later this year or early next year as the Nintendo 3DS. The most interesting news about this will be that it will do 3D without the 3D glasses and at E3 this year, we will be able to see this in action. If it works, good for Nintendo, if not, well, at least it can play DS and DSi games. Either way, people will still go out and go buy a DSi XL and then go on to buy a 3DS when it comes out. Hey Nintendo, wanna help out and give me one for a review when it comes out since I took the time to make the awesome image I used for this article (all thanks to MS Paint). What do you guys think? Too soon or you think Nintendo will be able to pull this off because its Nintendo.

Source: Destructoid

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