Pokemon, For Real!!

pikachuI have no idea who created these, but this has fulfilled my childhood dreams of seeing these majestic creatures in real life. Ofcourse i realize that they’re not technically real, BUT it’s still nice to pretend. This gives new meaning to animals. I’m going to round up as many as I can and see how I can transform them into pokemon. Sure most of these photos are photoshopped, but that doesn’t matter. I’M A MAN. I can do whatever the hell I feel like doing, as long as it complies with the law… JK, HA. HA. The law can’t contain this! *points to self like e-thug* (If you don’t know what that is look it up, they’re hilarious). Some of these pics are ADORABLE , but I must warn you,  some are creepy as shit. And don’t sit there and think to yourself “Shit’s not creepy” because it is and I have seen plenty of videos with japanese girls to prove so. Either way, if you’re a  pokemon nerd, like me, you will cherish all the possibilities that these pictures present. You can join my coalition and together we can capture wild animals, transform them into makeshift pokemon, vigorously train them, NOT SEXUALLY (You sick son of a bitch), and  then set them upon small children and other humans that couldn’t kick my ass or outrun me…. ENJOY!

vulpix-e1268857577611squirtlecubone-e1268930681458shaymin-e1268930730502ivysaur-e1268857436839rapidash-e1268930631910geodude-e1268930748748koffing-e1268930657801Source: Nerdsalad

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