CH1Early this week, Toei announced that they will be releasing all new CGI versions of Capatain Harlock and Gaiking, two classic Animes from the 70s, that will be released worldwide at around 2012. Just recently they have released a few images for the two upcoming CGI projects and boy do they not disappoint. Harlock just looks bad ass and the image of Gaiking just makes the little boy that love giant robots inside me dance. We also learned that staff and works that worked on Mobile Suit Gundam UC, Appleseed, and Ninja Scroll are working on Captain Harlock while Light Studio, who worked on Avatar, Spider-man 2-3, and Benjamin Button, is working on Gaiking. You know being an anime fan, I always thought CGI would be the future for anime since you still get that cartoon feeling but looking so damn awesome. Check after the jump for more images.




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