Japan Is Going To Wreck Us

500x_beamnightOk, so Japan has had this “statue” of a large 18 meter gundam just sitting around all innocently in Shizuoka. Well now, the fucker has a beam sword and I’m starting to get really worried. “Why are you so upset Mason?” I’ll tell you why! Some of you might view this Gundam as art, but I know this is all some scheme for Japan to cunt punt Lady Liberty. (And I don’t mean the Statue of Liberty.. Although that would be sooooo funny) I’m talking about America son! We can’t have this “supposed” piece art slicing shit up in America. We may be home of the brave, but they have a fucking robot that can fly in space! How do you stop that sort of thing? Japan has been sneaky by announcing it is only to help their economy. They project this Gundam will draw in 900,000 visitors and 40 billion yen (4 1/2 dollars, haha jk)  over the course of just 300 days. It will create 9,600 jobs. 9,600! How in the hell could it take that many people to take care of a “statue”. Japan is buildin a Gundam fleet and that is all there is to it. Once they put a big ass gun in his hand I’m hauling ass to Canada. Enjoy!



Source: kotaku

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