Spy Hunter Movie In the Works. Again.

spy_hunterBecause apparently what we all need is yet another movie based on a video game, it looks like Spy Hunter could be making the leap to the big screen soon. According to The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision blog, Warner Bros. has commissioned a script for the project from writer Chad St. John, who is also adapting the DC Comics war hero Sgt. Rock.

No date has been set yet, but considering this isn’t the first time the game has been the target for a big-screen adaptation, you may not want to hold your breath waiting for it.

The 1983 arcade game was popular in many an arcade, due in part, one presumes, because of its awesome simplicity. The player drives a kickass car looking to shoot the bad spies in their various vehicles. Every now and then you get a new weapon, courtesy of a truck that you drive into while on the road.

Back in the day, you could learn all the latest swears while watching the game because depending on the sensitivity of the steering wheel controller, it could be a pain in the ass lining up that sumbitch without crashing.

Oh well. It still beat playing Pooyan. Let’s hope that one’s not on any studio’s wishlist.

(via Heat Vision)

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