As you know, Chris Evans (Fantastic 4) has been cast as Captain America in Marvels upcoming flick, Captain America: The First Avenger. Fan response to this casting choice has been mixed. Ya, he’s got the look, the swagger and has a natural, appealing charisma which will undoubtedly make for an interesting CAP. On the other hand, he has this cocky, underwear model smugness to him. Something he might not be able to turn off or should I say flame off (lol) to embody a 1940’s , American, archetype hero. Ya know, that rough, tough, get the job done philosphy of Americas golden age? Anyway, as the debate continues intrepid fans have been using a little imagination and some serious Photoshop skills to depict what Evans may look like as Captain America.

Film School Rejects received two marvelous (lol get it?) fake posters (after the jump) from reader Christopher M. The two depictions are more red, white and badass than anything the studio is bound to come up with. Regardless it’s an interesting starting point. Certainly enough to get you all warm and fuzzy in anticipation.



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