Health Care For Video Game Characters

UH136_sonic2Do you hate landing on some spikes? Hate it when your shield didn’t restore in time and get gunned down? Upset that you ran right into a goomba because you didn’t time your jump right? Of course we all hate that and sure, video games are suppose to be challenging but sometimes it can just be a bit too ridiculous. The folks at College Humor thought the same and came up with a Video Game Health Care Bill for all those poor characters who dies in one hit. It’s a bill for both the good guys and bad guys because it’s silly for a boss to be so powerful and have one convenient weakness. The video is worth the watch as you see a video game sprite Obama explaining certain situations from games that most of us have experience and how this health care will help and also, how playing it smart can help. Now excuse me as I go beat a level of Mega Man 10 I’ve been stuck on because of the stupidly placed spikes.

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Source: College Humor

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