hsotdThis week, two anime trailers were released that are worth checking out. The first trailer is a peak at the upcoming new zombie anime, Highschool of the Dead. The manga has been on hiatus but soon to be back on track and seeing this trailer got me more excited for the franchise. The story follows a group of Highschool kids (and a school nurse who is stacked) going around looking for their relatives and trying to survive chaos around them. It’s got gore, sword and gun action, and best of all, boobs.

The other trailer is something that Funimation just recently released and that is the first full trailer for the upcoming Dragon Ball Z Kai DVD/Blu-Ray release. This is the first chance to check out the newest version of the dub and also, Gohan’s new voice actress. Gotta say, I like what I hear and knowing that this will also air on NickToons, it’ll bring a whole new audience to the Dragon Ball franchise. In case you didn’t know, Dragon Ball Z Kai is a “refreshed” version of DBZ with remastered footage and all new audio, both music and voice. Best of all, it has no filler, thats right, no Princess Snake, fake Namek, etc. Check after the jump for both trailers.

Highschool of the Dead trailer:

Dragon Ball Z Kai trailer:

Source: Japanator, Funimation YouTube Page

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