godzilla-haikuHow do we always end up pushing away the things we want closest to us, or shoot a scorching beam of energy right into it? We become entangled in the power-lines of the heart. You get the point now, hopefully. This picture featuring the most epic and applicable haiku for Godzilla is pure gold. Now all I need is some sad, reflective piano music. It’s weird because I actually feel really bad for Godzilla. He’s got it bad over in Japan.. Sure, he destroyed their cities at first, but then he protected them from all types of monsters and shit. But they still fear him and he can’t leave because he loves their architecture. I guess. I think he’s looking at a specific building, if not then he loves the landscape,  and if not again he loves all the asian girls and what they’re willing to do. ENJOY!

Source: Geekadelphia

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