YES!! Finally Justice! No need to call the Justice League or the Army, we America’s finest, the Martinsville Indiana Police. Tender Teddies Day Care called police to report that one of the children there was acting up and posed a potential threat to the kid. He was 94 pounds and just a digression, WHAT HE FUCK IS A KID THAT BIG DOING AT DAYCARE?!

You ever have one of those days in the mall or at Target, and you hear one of those screaming kids who cement themselves down, or yell at their parents or do just…ANYTHING!!!! It  makes you wonder, “How can the parent just ignore the child and walk idly by like a zombie. I want to punch that kid in the face” or the more topical, “I wish I had a Taser…”

Well maybe this kid will shut his mouth next time. Capt. William Jennings and Officer Darren Johnson arrived at the scene and found the boy to be “combative.” Jennings then slapped the boy, and Johnson used his Taser to further subdue him, police said.

The officer’s have been suspended with pay for the action. And people want to know why they can take down adults but not a 10 year old. Ok Asshole! It’s because they throw a grown man down to concrete and jam a knee into their backs. The people would be up in arms about that as well. I for one, think that it’s awesome and these children need some sort of discipline and if that comes in the form of a taser??? So be it.

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