90-Minute Review of Star Wars: Attack of The Clones


He’s baaaack! Who’s back? Mike from Red Letter Media, that’s who. Who’s this Mike fella? He’s the crtitic known for his movie reviews that are as outrageously long as they are harsh. This is the guy…excuse me, LEGEND who spent 70 minutes, excessively dissecting Star Wars: Episode One and why it’s legitimately a piece of shit. This isn’t some guy that prattles on and on about why a movie is bad. No,  this dude is well versed in the process of storytelling and film making. His comments are well constructed and valid in point. His videos are well edited too. With cuts thats are comedically well timed. You may be turned off by his stroke victum like voice but be rest assured it’s all part of his schtick about how even an idiot could understand how stupid a movie is. His reviews are perhaps the greatest things to ever hit the internetz. Anway, he’s back! This time he’s set his crosshairs on Attack of the Clones with an epic, 9 part review.

Part 1 begins, “Star Wars, Episode 2: Attack of the Clones is the worst thing ever made by a human…” 

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