It’s another year and TIME magazine is doing another round of the 100 most influential people and two unlikely duo is now in the Top Ten as of this writing. The duo I’m talking about are Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, the creators of the Penny Arcade comics are on the poll and so far, people believe these two are more influential than President Obama but not as much as Lady Gaga. Penny Arcade if you didn’t know is a web comic that follows the life of Tycho and Gabe of their views and comments of video games. Now why would these two be on the list you ask? Well, when E3 became strictly business, these guys decided to throw their own expo, known as the Penny Arcade Expo, or PAX for short for regular folks being able to play and view games that were in development like at E3 and with this years debut of PAX East, it’s pretty awesome for a web comic site becoming something this big. Not to mention that these two created the charity Child’s Play, in which gamers and game websites donate money, games, and toys to sick children in hospitals all over the world, and as of last year, the event has gather over 6.7 million dollars in the last 7 years, pretty good for once a year event.

No doubt that it will be awesome if these guys can surpass Robert Paterson and Adam Lambert to hit the top 5. Other people feature on the list is Conan O’Brien, Neil Patrick Harris, James Cameron, Stephan Colbert, Jeff Bridges, The Lost creators, J.J. Abrams, and Seth MacFarlane are just to name the 200 people that are in it. People can start voting here to go through the list of 200 people and ranging their influential ratings from 1 to a 100.

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