Oh Duke, your Bruce Campbell like quotes and alien shooting ass, why can’t there be a new game of you, oh wait, there was suppose to be one. Duke Nukem Forever, has been in development since of April, 1997 and just last week, on April 1st, there were claims that day would have been the day Forever would have gone Gold (means the game was finished and was ready to be published). However, early last year, the development team got laid off since Take-Two wouldn’t fund 3D realms anymore, which lead to Take-Two suing them. Though some people do have hope for it to come out due to few people saying it will come out while many will view it as vaporware. In the so-called celebration of it turning gold, a video of gameplay footage was released and it just makes me want to play the game. May not look that awesome in the graphics department but it just looks like pure fun and hey, new quotes from the man himself is more of a reason to play the game. Without further ado, here is the video after the jump.

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