TV writer Brendan Hay (The Daily Show/Frank) have joined up with the dudes behind Robot Chicken — Seth Green and Matthew Seinreich — who have ALL teamed up with LucasFilm to create a new Star Wars animated  sitcom series.

So far there is no nothing available, no details, no title, nothing except speculation for this series. Well, like Family Guy‘s Blue Harvest and Something Something Something Darkside, the guys at RC have done a couple Star Wars Parodies themselves and lets just say it wasn’t really a drama cartoon. So That leaves me to speculate myself, if these guys who are known for comedy will work with Lucasfilm will it be another Robot Chicken styled Star Wars? Or, will it be like the Clone Wars on Cartoon Network? A very serious themed and beautifully rendered series? It’s hard to say, one thing is for certain, Lucas is spreading the franchise REAL thin.

What happened to the live Star Wars series that was supposed to be live action like Star Trek the Next Generation? Lucas himself announced it, to my recollection, almost 2 years ago now, and we’ve heard nary a word since then. But as long they keep firing off Star Wars shwag I’m a happy camper.

We will bring you more info on this news as it rolls out. (VIA GeekTyrant)

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