Harry Potter May Not Be Over Just Yet…


At the White House Easter Egg Roll that they do annually, J.K. Rowling was in attendance as a guest.  She was asked if she had any other Harry Potter books in the works right now, to which she replied no but she doesn’t say never.  She was quoted as saying “maybe 10 years from now.”  Ten years is a long time, so it makes this writer wonder if anyone would still care enough about the series in that time to do something like pre-order it and make it a best-seller before it even hits bookshelves again.  I have to admit, I’d pre-order it the second it was available to do so.

Rowling did give us an epilogue at the ending of the 7th book but it was only a few pages long and I would like to know more about what happened to the characters than just who married and what they named their children.  (Though Albus Severus was a fitting tribute, I must say.)  I know, I know, I’m giving spoilers but the book has been out since 2007 and if you’re still waiting to read it then you deserve to have the ending spoiled just a little.

Source: Washington Post online

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