Vampire Literature Master’s Degree?


For vampire lovers there could be no finer degree.  Hertfordshire University in the UK is offering its students a degree in Vampire Literature.  Yet another reason why it would be cool to live in England.  The degree program was put together by Dr. Sam George who gives lectures on English literature.

Dr George was quoted as saying:

British actors have traditionally been cast as vampires on screen, but recently they’re all American, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Twilight. I aim to turn the focus back to the texts, which are mainly English, and what they say about our society.  I wanted to put them in the setting of a rigorous academic conference on vampire fiction to prove that you can study popular literature in a serious way.

There is a conference being held at the University called “Open Graves, Open Minds: Vampires and the Undead in Modern Culture”.  During said conference they will be discussing such papers as:

  • Steampunk Vampire: The diffusion of steampunk style across the vampire community
  • Sullied Blood, Semen, and Skin: Vampires and the Specter of Miscegenation
  • ‘Death is the New Pornography!’ Gay Zombies and Fascist Hypermasculinity in Queer Horror Films
  • ‘Vegetarian Vampires: Morality of the Anti-Villains in Selected Vampire Novels

A lecture on any of these topics would be awesome to hear so I’d sign right up for that degree program if only I could make it to England!  It’s a good thing that vampire literature is now being taken seriously because a large number of best selling books have been stories about creatures of the undead as well as the occult in general which means that there is appeal across the board for subjects like these.  It might pave the way for more to open up so look for this study program at a school near you!


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