Instant 30 Second Modern Warfare Nuke Kill


I’m not a big into online multiplayer in my games because I suck and when I do win, I get accused of cheating because they believe I have a turbo button controller and there is no way I can be pressing buttons so fast. It’s all the training in my wrist by practice, with you know…gaming. Anyways, thats to youtube, people are able to record and show their awesome kills in videogames. Some of them are good, some are stupid, and a few are just epic. This video here, that features a kill one GuN1t123 has submitted to, shows how much time he had and also how broken the multiplayer is on MW2 but either way, its worth the watch. By a throw of a grenade at a certain spot, it chains into many explosion that leads to a 45 kill streak. It’s beautiful in it’s own way. Check the video after the jump to see this awesome kill and see if you can do it.

Source: Unreality Magazine, Youtube

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