The Clash of The Titans We Didn’t Get To See


It’s no secret that the nerdbastards crew hated, with a passion Louis Leterrier’s remake of Clash of the Titans. I think our Twitter update said it best. “Not only does it butt fuck the original but it completely rapes the ideology of the mythology”. If you are going to deviate from the myth of Perseus, which had no need for variation, as it’s deep in philosophy and tragedy then at least give us a refined version of the much beloved 80’s one. The original is a classic! It had heart, romance, soul, humor, sweetness, nobility, overall feeling of adventure.  It had deeply involved characters and a well written story. Whats to change? All they had to do was give it a modern update. Swap out the claymation characters for CGI and job done, you can go home. The new versions had NONE of this. No, instead we got an unbearable, soulless, disaster that perverts literature and the very idea of story telling. Before we go ranting off into another review it’s sufficed to say Clash of the Titans 2010 was simply awful. What’s interesting, though, is the movie was actually shot with something totally different in mind. Wha, wha, what? Apparently there was a cut of the film that never made it to the big screen. This cut of the film was a dramatically different story, had different romantic relationships, more gods and altered motivations. For whatever reason some asshat(s) decided to leave all this material on the cutting room floor. All the stuff that got hacked and slashed could have saved this clusterfuck of a flick. IDIOTS!!

Devin from CHUD , in his in depth analysis of the film tells us what we unfortunately didn’t get to see. Here are a few bullet points from Devin. (Warning: Spoilers)

  • Danny Huston was cast as Poseidon in the film but didn’t really have anything to do with the story because nearly two thirds of the business with the gods was edited out of the film.
  • Zeus is the bad guy in the original cut of the film. It’s his fault that the humans have turned against the Olympians. The younger generation of gods are afraid, realizing that Zeus’ mismanagement has led them to a serious crossroads in their history, and that if they don’t take action, they’ll lose all their power.
  • The relationship between Io and Perseus was more of a brother and sister relationship in the original cut, not romantic at all! He actually had a romantic relationship with Andromeda in it! Making his quest much more different and more meaningful than the one we saw in the theatrical version.
  • In the original version of the cut Zeus never came down to help Perseus. That made no sense at all to me while watch the film. Instead, it was Apollo, Perseus’ half-brother who comes in to give Perseus a hand. He does this because he understands that Hades is playing Zeus and that all of the Olympians are heading for a big fall.

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