As most people in the US already know, there is a Harry Potter Theme Park being built currently at the Universal Studios in Orlando, FL.  From the footage that has been seen so far, it is more than obvious that the park is going to be breathtaking for anyone who considers themselves a fan of the series.  (Books or movies, though I don’t hold much respect for the movie only fans.  Pick up a damn book!)  But yesterday there was released a video that gives you a bit more of a peak inside what the park will look like, specifically one of the rides you can take.  Video after the jump:

The portraits will interact with you, you get to sit in a Hogwarts classroom, DUMBLEDORE’S OFFICE!?!?!  Can you tell I’m more than just a little excited for this?  This theme park better hurry up and open quickly before people are beating the doors down like Voldemort on a Butterbeer binge!  My one complaint:  Professor Binns doesn’t teach Defense Against the Dark Arts.  He teaches The History Of Magic.  C’mon, people.

Source: Slashfilm

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