Figures For Batman: Arkham Asylum Coming Soon


If there is a successful superhero product then there will be toys for it. DC Direct will be releasing a new line of figures from Rocksteady’s big hit from last year, Batman: Arkham Asylum. If you didn’t know, Arkham Asylum is pretty much the first superhero game that didn’t suck and was just kick ass the whole time and it helped the characters were voiced by their 90’s animated series counterpart. Anyways, seems like we’ll be getting a line of figures from this awesome game and some of the character models could end up being awesome figures (will have pictures of characters from the game after the jump). Not much details available now but Toyfare’s June Issue will have more info on it. Only question I have is that why now? Isn’t it kind of too late to release these now. I know they just released the Game of the Year edition but still, oh wells, either ways, certain nerds will get their fill and satisfaction if a Harley and Ivy figure does come out.








Source: Kotaku, Big Download

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