Who is this debonair suave Mo’Fo? Who was he? Many of you may know.  Just as many of you will be surprised. A child star not reaching for a star? A child star who has not been on celebrity rehab? A child star who…WORKS FOR A LIVING???? It can’t be!! Jump to see!

Thats Jeff “Chunk” Cohen! A successful talent lawyer, making sure no child stars get fucked, not literally. Lets set the stage here. There is a loaded courtroom, the judge and the mob awaits. Jeff Cohen is running down the hallway with brown leather briefcase in a nice suit. Being the only work that he can find, Corey Feldman is standing sentient at he doors to the courtroom, Cohen starts to shout, “Come on guys, ya gotta let me in”….Feldman, comb in his hand, looks cooly at Cohen and says, ” First you gotta do the Truffle Shuffle!”

“Come ooooon.” Cohen replies.

“Do it.” Feldman states.”

“Come on….”

“Do IT!!!!”

“Errrrrrrrgggg.” Cohen starts to pull his dress shirt from his belt….

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