Star Wars 3D: The Quest For More Money

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Well, most Star Wars fans are excited to see the original holy trinity get the 3-D treatment you have to wonder if it will be any step closer to what George Lucas envisioned back in 1977. It’s no doubt that the technology back then certainly inhibited Lucas’s vision for Star Wars but the bearded wonder is clearly bullshitting us that all the re-releases with the edits and ad on’s were really what he had in mind 30 plus years ago. It’s really just a quest from a greedy bastard to make more money. Now don’t get me wrong, it will be glorious to see Star Wars on the big screen again but it won’t end with 3-D my friends. Nope, whenever there is a new bit of movie viewing technology George Lucas is bound to be right around the corner with another re-release. Don’t believe me? Well watch this funny video by Jon Gutierrez of the Upright Citizen’s Brigade theater and Gamma Squad and tell me your future Star Wars viewing won’t look a little something like this.

Sadly, as much as we make fun of George Lucas we would all pay handsomely for Star Wars 4-D , in Smellevision. Not a nerd on this earth could resist smelling Han Solos musky aftershave.

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