The Big Sister! Cosplay Letdown


Why do I say letdown? well when you see the video you’ll see why. NO EXPLANATION for a heterosexual male.

The Big Sister was an antagonistic protagonist for Bioshock 2 much like the insanity that was Jason Voorhies in NES’s Friday the 13th. The music changes  randomly during game play, then hint hint, get your ass in gear and scramble for your goddamned life before they (Jason Voorhies, The Big Sister)  swoop in like gangbusters and more than likely, kill you.

Nathan Sharatt made a Big Daddy costume when Bioshock 1 was released. So Bioshock 2 hit the shelves and he hit the junkyard, and we have a great Big Sister for the masses. Now the only thing we need is a nice sleek Sister to gear it up, and not a dude with a Burt Reynolds mustache. (via technabob)

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