A 3D Dot Zelda We Can Only Dream Of


I am a Zelda purist. At age 10 I had a dog named Zelda and a ferret named Link. So there is no question that this 3D Dot Game Heroes’ character editor masterwork was on my radar. There is no doubt after watching this video, this game NEEDS to be made into Wii DLC. Seriously. I found while watching also that the game seems to be a mashup of The Legend of Zelda for NES and A Link to the Past  for SNES. It has an inkling of old school, with a slash and stab of explosive and shiny new graphix,  hence the 3D Game Heroes. I don’t know why no one has done a Zelda 3DGH sooner. Check out the video and be humbled. (Via GameInformer)

I leave you with a boggle. After all these years and countless sequels, why have they not replicated a Zelda 2 The Adventure of Link? The only side scroller of the Zelda series. It was, in the overland view, very similar to Final Fantasy 1, and the story, and the townspeople were very new at that time. So I beg the question, Why?

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