DVD Tuesday 4/13/10: Meh Week


It’s another Tuesday here in the month April and means one thing, DVD Tuesday. Compare to last week, there is some new stuff coming out but not as much as before and thus I say meh to this week. Like always, we here on NerdBastards will list out whats coming out and say what is worth a BUY, RENT, or PASS. Also, we will have a list of stuff you may already own but is being re-released as a Blu-Ray and we also have the return of the Anime DVD pick of the week. Check out after the jump to see what’s coming out.


Nightmare on Elm Street Collection

noesIn the trinity of modern horror films, there’s the father (Michael Myers of Halloween), the son (Jason of Friday the 13th fame, a knockoff), and the unholy spirit, Freddy Krueger of the Nightmare on Elm Street films. The spectral man who haunted the nightmares of unsuspecting teenagers with deadly consequences, Freddy (as played by Robert Englund) was a truly frightening bogeyman and icon for the ’80s. Unlike the hockey-masked Jason, who dispatched horny teenagers with mechanical and monotonous ease (he never talked, never took off his mask), Freddy was a truly creative and diabolical villain, with a sadistic and blackly funny personality. The hallmarks of the Nightmare on Elm Streetseries were imaginatively gruesome suspense pieces, set in the overactive imaginations of the teen victims. The first film of the series, Wes Craven’s truly intelligent and scary film, was so hugely successful it begat not one, not two, but six more sequels, each pretty much diluting the originality and horror of its predecesor. (Horror fans will fondly remember Drew Barrymore’s assertion in Scream that the first Nightmare film was great but all the rest sucked.) Still, there’s fun to be had in the remaining films in the series, seeing as a number of aspiring filmmakers cut their teeth on the continuing saga of Freddy. Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption) and Chuck Russell (The Mask) worked on the third installment, Dream Warriors (starring a young Patricia Arquette), and Renny Harlin (Die Hard 2) came to prominence with the ingeniously macabre fourth film, The Dream Master, co-scripted by Brian Helgeland (L.A. Confidential). Craven and original star Heather Langenkamp did return for the last film, New Nightmare, which presaged the tongue-in-cheek postmodernism of the Scream films and resharpened Freddy’s ability to scare.

Well, what better way to get ready for the upcoming remake than by watching the whole franchise all in one convenient box. This 8 disk box has it’s ups and own since it does have the first Nightmare on Elm Street to the New Nightmare and it adds on the lovely/crappy Freddy vs. Jason. Also, there is a nice bonus on the the Final Nightmare disk that includes the original 3-D Ending (Thats right, Freddy’s Christmas color sweater was already in eye poping 3-D!!!). To get all of  ’em for a nice price and in a box that saves room in shelves, it’s worthy of a buy because Freddy is a horror icon worth checking out and see why some people don’t like sleeping. Also, quick heads up, there is also a Blu-Ray release of the first film, but I really don’t know if it’s worth HD to watch this fim as I think the DVD is good enough for this horror classic but it does have a lot of extras that may be enough of a purchase for a few of you.

Available: 8 Disk Box Set




In Defendor, reality intersects with delusion in the mind of Arthur Poppington, a regular man who adopts a superhero persona known as Defendor and combs the city streets at night in search of his arch-enemy, Captain Industry. In his attempts to combat crime and bring down this drug and weapons dealer whom he mistakenly blames for the death of his mother, Defendor ends up befriending a young prostitute, Katerina. Armed with unconventional weapons of mass confusion, and aided by his new friend, Defendor proves that sometimes you need to go off the beaten path – way off – to make a difference.

Starring: Woody Harrelson, Kat Dennings, Elias Koteas, Sandra Oh, and Michael Kelly
Directed by: Peter Stebbings

Woody Harrelson dressing up as a superhero kicking ass? SOLD should be what I said but maybe it’s better to play it safe. The movie was suppose to have a theatrical release two months ago but it had a very limited release and who knows, maybe there was a reason as to why that happen, who knows, it was Sony’s decision. The trailers make it look like a fun movie which is why I say this should be a instant rent. I’ve got a good feeling that this might become a cult favorite.

Available: DVD

The Slammin’ Salmon


“Slammin” Cleon Salmon is a former Heavyweight Champion of the World turned celebrity owner of a high end Miami seafood restaurant, The Slammin’ Salmon. A terrifying bull of a man, Salmon uses fear to rule over his misfit waitstaff and on this particular night, he takes his bullying skills to a new level. In an effort to pay off a gambling debt to the Japanese Yakuza, Salmon sets up a contest to ‘inspire’ his waitstaff to sell more food than they ever have before: the top selling server wins $10,000 while the waiter in last place gets served with a broken rib sandwich—courtesy of the Champ himself. Spurred on by greed and panic, the staff resort to backstabbing, bribery and indecent proposals in an attempt to upsell their patrons while simultaneously sabotaging their co-workers. As the hours pass, the dining room action becomes more frenzied as the contest escalates into a brawl for first place in order to win the money.

Starring: Michael Clarke Duncan, Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme, Paul Soter, Erik Stolhanske, Cobie Smulders, and April Bowlby, Olivia Munn, Vivica A. Fox, Morgan Fairchild.
Directed by:  Kevin Heffernan

Did ya like Super Troopers? Did ya like Beerfest? Then you will probably enjoy this movie. The same folks that brought us the said two movie, brings us this comedy that apparently, Michael Clarke Duncan (let me heal him boss) shines in this film and shows that he has his comedy side. If anything, get a couple of your buddies, get some beer, and this film will be worth the rent.

Available: Blu-Ray, DVD


Pirates Radio


Broadcasting live 24/7 from an old tanker anchored in the middle of the North Sea (just beyond British jurisdiction), Radio Rock sends out a vibrant and unifying signal to millions across the nation, ranging in age from wide-eyed pre-teens secretly tuning in long past their bedtimes to everyday people in need of a musical pick-me-up. The Radio Rock roster, overseen by unflappable station owner (and ship’s captain) Quentin, includes a risk-prone American known only as The Count; mystic deejay royalty Gavin; slyly amorous Dave; idiosyncratic New Zealander Angus; the rarely seen Bob; the aptly named Thick Kevin; lovelorn Simon; ladies’ magnet Mark; shy Harold; reporter News John; and lesbian ship’s cook Felicity. One night in 1966, Quentin’s teenaged godson Carl comes aboard. While Carl harbors romantic aspirations that he hopes will be fulfilled during one of the biweekly visits by Radio Rock’s prettiest fans, he also hopes to find out more about his long-absent father.

Starring: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Bill Nigh, Rhys Ifans, Nick Frost, Kenneth Branagh, Tom Sturridge, Talulah Riley, and January Jones.
Directed by:  Richard Curtis

Released as The Boat that Rocked across the pond at UK, this film isn’t historically accurate for all you history loving nuts. It does have a nice ending but really, unless you like music from the ’60s, then it won’t really do much for you, thus why a pass. Though it might make a decent date movie… oh wait, this is a nerd site.

Available: Blu-Ray, DVD

Old Movies Are New Again: The following is a list of old movies being re-released as Blu-Ray that ya’ll may already own, but if you don’t own it, maybe worth getting. They are:
Fight Club
Die Hard
Independence Day
Apollo 13

Anime DVD Pick of the Week

Beast King Golion (Voltron) Complete Collection


The series Voltron was based on is now available uncensored and now see how the story really was. There is one thing to know is that this collection only has the Japanese track in it since, well, there are scenes that has no English script at all due to past edits. Hey, if there’s a plus in this, the fake vehicle Voltron is not part of this universe.

Available: 9 Disk DVD Pack

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