Mortal Kombat: Real Life Flaws


Ahhh, Mortal Kombat, the first fighting game I ever played and I still remember how my Dad came h0me one day from work with the cheats to add blood and do one button fatalities because I really sucked at the game and I still do to this day. If anything, Mortal Kombat has that nostalgia love as gamers always have early memories for it. Two guys known as BizarrelyFunny on YouTube have just started some videos about video game flaws. What it is they do is they show how flaw the game play is when translated to real life, there first video was on Resident Evil and it shows the frustrations gamers had in the past and will have now with that game. There second video is about the Mortal Kombat franchise, more specific, the early years of 2D Mortal Kombat. Check the video after the jump as I’m sure it’ll give ya a laugh or two as you realize the flaws they point out.

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