Play Wii Fit, Become A “Sex Addict”


If there was one thing nice about the Wii Fit and the Balance Board, it was videos of attractive girls using them for all nerds to enjoy. The “game,” Wii Fit, played mostly by a female audience, is a popular game that uses a board for players to stand on and maybe Nintendo should have attached some sort of strap for this like they did with the Wii Remote for a poor lady. A one Amanda Flowers fell off her balance board and it triggered something known as Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome. Now what’s that you asked? Well, if poor Amanda is near by anything that vibrates, she will easily gets aroused in that one sweet spots for the ladies in which it could lead to her having an orgasm. With the condition, she is now considered a sex addict since even a vibration from a cell phone can trigger an orgasm. Kids, please don’t try to fall off the balance board to trying to “achieve” this because more likely you will just bust ya ass.

Source: Geekologie, Kotaku

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