Predator Lamp Table Will Rock Your Rec Room

predator-lamp-tableThe life of a nerd is never an easy one, especially when it comes to decorating. Whether it’s the superhero-supervillain standoff you have staged on your desk at work or the scale replica bat’leth above your toilet, you want to make sure your choice of decor reflects your interests.

With that in mind, you know what would make that boring corner of your living room pop? Why, a kickass steampunk Predator lamp table, natch. This handcrafted example of awesomeness stands almost 30 inches high and has nonmarking rubber feet to keep it from slipping on hardwood floors. While not as menacing as the life-size Predator statue, this is a bit more practical, especially if you have a significant other to convince.

You can pick one of these up from the folks at ProMech Racing for about $280. It would be cool if they made an Alien lamp table to go with it. Even though the tables would stay still, it would still be more entertaining than Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem.

(via Walyou)

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