For years over the nerd community has had there greasy hot pocket fingers on the pulse of the interactive role playing game community. With a plethera of titles, and spin offs one of those games has always had a strong presence from the very beginning…Dungeons and Dragons. With it’s vast and loyal following Dungeons and Dragons players have always stuck close to the roots of the game, trying not to deviate from the games core stucture of pen, paper and manual.

Well, This may get those classic dungeons and dragons folk to drool a bit. An application for Microsofts Surface has be revealed, showing that even classics can evolve over time. The Microsoft surface is a table based PC that seems to suit D&D perfect . The application allows you to build Terrain in a drag a drop manor as well as perfectly measure out your blast radius and roll your twelve sided die. Zing!

My two cents: personally I know nothing of dungeons and dragons. I have only watched the game or over heard people geeking out over it. Though after seeing the functionality this device implements into the game I seriously want to try it out!

Surfacescapes Demo Walkthrough from Surfacescapes on Vimeo.

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