Iron Man Punches Hugh Grant

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There is a universal hatred for actor Hugh Grant. What, with his epileptic, non-stop blinking and all. Honestly, it’s so annoying. Nobody should ever blink that much. Did you ever think that’s maybe why his romantic comedies do so well? He has a hypno toad (Futurama) effect on the female population.

For stealing our woman, subjecting us to his horrendous films, insesent eye blinking and lets not forget his unfaithlfulness to wifey Elizabeth Hurley (how could anyone cheat on that busty brit is a mystery to me) deserves a good punch to the face. Well, doing something we all should of done years ago, Iron Man comes in and proves why he is the greatest hero of our times.

The following edit of Bridget Jone’s Diary is short, sweet and hilarious. Although, I was kinda waiting for Iron Man to punch Renee Zellweger as well. Her sucked on a lemon face is almost as annoying as Hugh Grants eye blinking.

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