New Mazinkaiser Anime In the Works


You like giant super robots? Did ya like the Shogun Warriors? Did you also happen to remember Tranzor Z? If you say yes to at least the first two, then your in luck as it seems like Go Nagai (Mazinger series, Devil Man) and his company is busting out a new Mazinkaiser OVA. It’ll be titled Mazinkaiser SKL and not only will we get an anime out of it, but a manga and novelization of the new Mazinger’s adventure. In 2001, Mazinkaiser came out as a continuation of Mazinger Z/Great Mazinger in a seven episode anime series. It was a short, fun, full of action and yes, boobs filled series and I think the animation is still good today. If Mazinger Z-Hen is any indication to what this will be, then we may be getting a more gory and action filled giant robot series. No release date has been set. Meanwhile, check out this clip to see the kick ass debut of Mazinkaiser back in 2001

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

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