Six Celebrity Nerd Game Show Episodes


For how much would you sell your soul? $10,000? A new car? A lifetime supply of Turtle Wax? Plenty of celebrities have wheeled and dealed on game shows, but do you remember these nerds doing so? Check out six episodes of game shows that feature some of our most iconic nerd folks.

William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy

Our favorite “Star Trek” buddies made memorable appearances on “$20,000 Pyramid” in the late 1970s. Shatner wore himself out on one episode by playing the roles of “giver” AND “taker” in the bonus round, while Nimoy just kicks ass as a clue giver.

Neil Patrick Harris

He’s just brilliant. Our Whedon buddy and uber nerd Harris kicked some major ass on ” Celebrity Jeopardy” in 2006, and he’s been invited back for a $1,000,000 charity tourney this May. Check out some highlights from his most recent appearances.

Paul Reubens

Reubens wasn’t always Pee Wee Herman (or a dirty movie jack-off guy), you know. He used to be a regular comic who’d do anything for a laugh. Exhibit A: He was on several episodes of the LSD-influenced “Gong Show” in the 1970s. Check out his top hat and mother-of-the-bride haircut on this episode — you likely won’t recognize him!

Dean Cain

Ok, I really hate to subject you to this, but the star of “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” made an appearance in season three of “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?” Jeff Foxworthy, the UN-comedian, as I like to call him, stupidly asks Cain what kryptonite feels like. Seriously, Foxworthy, just go away. Still, if you were the kid paired with Cain, wouldn’t you feel super-cool for answering questions with Superman?

Lynda Carter

The lady who filled out the “Wonder Woman” bustier the best appeared on the very first season of 1976’s “Battle of the Network Stars.” The brilliance of putting a tv goddess with the guy from “Welcome Back Kotter” can’t be underscored enough. One of Carter’s most exciting events was a tug-of-war contest on the first episode of the show. Plus, the announcer says “buttocks.” Heh.

Jeff Cohen

If you don’t know who Cohen is, I’m going to force you to do the Truffle Shuffle. Our favorite kid from The Goonies appeared on “Body Language,” a 1980s game show that was essentially glorified Charades with a sprinkling of Taboo. Many, many celebrities appeared on the show, but the Cohen episode is one of the best because he was so damn happy, wore a unicorn hat, and was just flat-out good. The episode below also features Malcom Jamal-Warner, “Theo” from “The Cosby Show.”

These are but a few of many game shows that our nerdy icons have been on. What are some of your favorites?

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