Superheroine Movie Rumors!

So there have been quite a few fingers pointing to some new superheroines. And no, addicts, not like genetically altered heroin, female superheroes. But it’s just as good right?..


It seems that the gorgeous Scarlett Johansson’s newest character, Natasha Romanoff a.k.a Black Widow, might have future cinematic value. Already appearing in Iron Man 2, as well as holding a contract to appear alongside fellow superheroes in The Avnegers, Black Widow may very well have a big screen  movie spin-off. When asked, at the Iron Man 2 press conference, if Black Widow would be getting her own big screen movie spin-off: Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios president had this to say.

“Definitely possible,” said Feige. “Yes, absolutely.”

This is pretty exciting for anyone who wants to see Ms. Johansson in tight black clothing.. BUT she is also a very talented actress, and, I’m quite sure, more than equipped for this role.


Speaking of being fit for a role, or lack there of, Vanessa Hudgens is being looked at to play Spider-Girl. She is very attractive, like alot, but I don’t think she has what is needed to fulfill this role. Although Marvel plans to bring adaptations of their “third-tier” characters to the big screen, with smaller budgets of $20-40 million, and:

“The idea is for this to be a fun, comedic movie and Vanessa is perfect for the title role,”

-An unnamed movie insider

I don’t see her doing much better than Drake Bell in Super-hero Movie.. She’s athletic and good at dancing, but I’m no dance critic, at least not anymore.. But as far as acting and having that toughness she falls short.. But she is efficient at putting nude pictures up on the internet and that’s why America will love and support her. *salutes American flag as eagles fly in synchronization in background* Enjoy!

Black Widow Spin-off

Hudgens to play Spider-girl

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