Jonah Hex Trailer


Josh Brolin firing a stick of dynamite from a crossbow and mowing bad guys down with chainguns mounted on a horse, Now that sounds like something straight out of my writing. Makes me tingle all over. You throw in some Meghan Fox,  John Malkovich and more explosions then a Michael Bay film and you got DC’s new entry into the superhero lineup.
Set to be released on June 18th, a lot of people may not be super familiar with Jonah Hex. He is a lot like Ghostrider in description and storyline, with some reversal of course, for instance in the scene where the dead, lifeless dude is in the cage and Jonah touches him, giving him life. On the contrary Ghostrider would do the opposite and drain them black. I think the film looks nice and gritty, with a solid Josh Brolin always doing what he does, delivering a stoic, brilliant performance ala’ Brand in the Goonies.
Jonah Hex Never Says Die.

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