Tactile Gaming Vest: The Future of Fragging?

tactilegamingvestMotion-based controllers? Yawn. Some time in the not-too-distant future, you might be able to feel the games you are playing. And not in that Pokemon and Vaseline kind of way. Yeah, everyone knows about it. Perv.

U Penn grad student Saurabh Palan, along with a group of fellow engineers, has developed the Tactile Gaming Vest, which when worn would allow the wearer to feel sensations that correspond to the game he or she is playing.

That sounds pretty neato-mosquito, but it will probably happen like this: Out of a group of gamers, that one guy who has to have everything first and be kind of a dick about it is going to get one, and about 5 seconds after bragging to his buddies about wearing it, he’ll get fragged repeatedly.

So hopefully the vest won’t be cost-prohibitive if Palan can get a company interested in it. And once that technology has become ubiquitous, companies can extend it into full body suits and helmets. This may have some porn applications, too, but let’s not spend too much time thinking about that.

Just think: some day, you might actually get to feel the sensation of getting teabagged after you get your ass handed to you in Modern Warfare 2.

Who says science doesn’t come up with cool shit?

(via Asylum)

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