A Nightmare on Elm Street NIGHTMARE Review


There’s too much to say about the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street. First, I will make a HUGE comparison to the final entry into our franchise reboot rally by saying Rob Zombie’s first Halloween plus the Newest new Jason Voorhies for the Friday the 13th are goddamned Oscar worthy compared to the new Nightmare. There we go, this film was my worst nightmare. To take the KING of horror like Freddy Krueger and slice and dice him with his own glove, he deserved better, and while Freddy himself was played to perfection by Jackie Earle Haley, the amazing  pedophile from Little Children, the movie itself was the horror.

We start off for a good first hour of torture while teens are being carved up and killed with little or no explanation. Some of the names remain the same and even some of the killings are reminiscent of the original, but then things get strange. There is a mashup of all the originals, from Part 1 to Freddy’s Dead, even some dialog including “I’m your boyfriend now.”

They don’t mention a thing about Elm street throughout the whole film and even have rewritten the story of Freddy. With scenes involving his vigilante murder, the original movie had Krueger as a released child murderer who got off on his trial charges, thus his vigilante murder, in this movie however, he is a grounds keeper at a preschool  who molested, apparently EVERY student. In his “cave”, which the parents apparently never found nor tried to look for, but killed him anyhow. The deeper more disturbing issue here is that they attempt to garner sympathies for Freddy by showing his murder, again with no explanation because at this point you don’t believe he’s done anything wrong. At this point there are only 2 teens left having slaughtered nearly every teen in the first hour.

Now for a compliment. Jackie Earle Haley made Freddy Krueger nice and creepy again. He took the comic Freddy that they started creating in Part 3 The Dream Warriors and took it away giving him a nice raspy whisper and a sorta nervous tic or licking of ones chops as he goes in for a kill. Freddy takes his middle finger and pointer finger on his glove hand and zips them back and forth nonchalantly as he moves in for the kill. The makeup however is a little off putting, giving Haley almost a speech impediment and making his eyes looking like he’s had too many Hollywood eye nips and tucks. He looks like the cat monster from early 90’s horror bomb Sleepwalkers.

This movie wasn’t just unsettling with special effects being very sub par, but the butchering of the classic the way they have done. Haley has done a good job in the shoes of Krueger but this movie doesn’t cut it (no pun intended) for an Elm Street purist as myself. They even ended the movie the way they ended Freddy’s Dead AND The Original Nightmare Part 1.

I don’t know what else to say except if the other 2 reboots are masterworks compared to this LONG, and just plain out bad job of a new franchise, we are in for one endless Nightmare.

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