40 is the new 20! Who is this gorgeous bounty of bountiful gorgeousness? She is still working, still sexy and was there back in the day when her flock of seagulls haircut couldn’t have saved her in the early early 80’s.


Tina, Freddy Krueger’s first sleepin’ awake victim. Amanda Wyss, also known as Beth from the John Cusack Killer Comedy Better Off Dead, the ski bunny he keeps trying to kill himself over. Wyss has been VERY busy over the year and remained active in both TV and film. To the like of St. Elsewhere, Cheers, Quantum Leap, The Highlander Tv Series, Murder She Wrote, Walker Texas Ranger, NYPD BLUE, Drew Carey, CSI, Dexter, and a shit-ton of movies you never heard of. Amanda, you are still beautiful and talented and relevant.  Amanda Wyss, We speak your name….


(These 2 are the Better off Dead Wyss)


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