I bought the original Xbox just to play Knights of the Old Republic. What I hated about the game was the turn based attack styles of an RPG, something that took a long time to get used to. It was a sloppy and very unattractive,  but the design of the storyline  was so compelling you had to give it a huge amount of respect especially since you could go both ways into realm of light and dark side. Now Star Wars: The Old Republic is showing it’s first images of combat, and while it resembles Knights, there is a a massive variety of gun play to lightsabre combat. I looks like its still in early development what with the avatars of characters all resembling clones and nothing real original.

The gorgeous graphics makes us here at NerdBastards salivate to tackle the Old Republic again, especially with a bounty hunter’s cowling that wraps up your prey and drags it to you…They’re no good to you dead.

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