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If you don’t listen to the Official Nerdbastards Podcast, then SHAME ON YOU and go listen immediately.  So sayeth me.  On every show we offer a nerd question of the week and the premise behind that is, we here at NB ask our listeners and readers a nerd-related question and we want you all to answer it.  The best answer that we receive to the question will be read on the air, giving your username credit for it.  Some weeks we’ll even have a prize for the best answer.

Last week’s question was:

If you have to choose a supervillain from pop culture to be the Overlord of the World, who would it be and why?

The winning answer was given to us on Twitter from the user: dublrs.  The answer was Kate Gosselin.  Perhaps not a supervillain but she’s definitely evil and for this reason, dublrs, we choose you.  If you haven’t claimed your prize yet, send us a tweet @nerdbastards and let us know where we can send it!

This week’s question is:

Which creature from sci-fi would make the worst pet, and why?

Comment here to answer or you can send us your response on Twitter or Facebook.  Remember, best answer wins and gets read on the air as well as a prize if we have one available.

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