Make Your Own Iron Man Arc Reactor

Iron_Man_Arc_ReactorOkay, you do-it-yourselfers (the gadgety kind, not the lonely with a box of Kleenex kind), if you’ve wanted to make a replica of Iron Man‘s arc reactor, boy oh boy, are you in luck. Technabob points us to an Instructable that shows you how to do just that very thing.

There’s even an update so you can make the one as seen in Iron Man 2, because if you’re gonna get your Iron Man on, you want to be as current as possible, right?

It’s a little beyond my abilities (things tend to break and/or mysteriously soar across the room), but I bet some of you can handle it.

From there, it’s just a small step to fashioning your own working Iron Man armor. Okay, maybe two steps.

(via Technabob)

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