Sir Ian McKellan Mistaken For A Bum

magneto the tramp

(article by the nerdyninja Sam Britton)

Gandalf the homeless?  A generous passerby placed an Australian dollar in the hat of what she thought was a homeless elderly man . Turns out it was Sir Ian McKellen . McKellen had just stepped outside for a breather during the dress rehearsal for Waiting for Godot in Melbourne, Australia.

Sir Ian is quoted saying:

During the dress rehearsal of Godot, I crouched by the stage door of the Comedy Theatre, getting some air, my bowler hat at my feet (and) seeing an unkempt old man down on his luck, a passer-by said, ‘Need some help, brother?’ and put a dollar in my hat. … I hope the Melbourne audiences will be as generous.” .

It’s nice to see that people are still caring for others. Many are going to say “How the hell could she have not known who that was?” Judging from the picture the mistaken identity isn’t that far fetched. YOU know who he is and your first thought would have been “That hobo looks like Magneto!” Honestly though who hasn’t this happened to? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been mistaken for an old hobo grandpa.

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