Hello ThunderKittys


(article by the nerdyninja Sam Britton)

Have you ever looked at the Thundercats gang and thought “oh my god how cuuuuuuuuuute!” (if you didn’t read that like a 15 year old girl you did it wrong.)? Unless you’re into furries and scritching (thanks internet for that information. You can’t unsee things you know.) then probably not. Yes, I know there is a gray area with Cheetara, I don’t think that would technically be bestiality, whatever, she had people boobs so I’m going to allow it. HIGH FIVE!

Let’s get back on track here… So what happens if you combine the sheer ass kicking awesomeness of the Thundercats with the oh eem gee adorableness of Hello Kitty? Thunderkitties of course!  I’m so dying all my cat’s as soon as I finish this blog.

Click after the jump for all your favorite Thundercats Hello Kitty-fied.







Feel the need to cover up your gross nudity with cuteness? Now you can!

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