Sexy Cosplay of The Week: The Galloping Gazongas of Ginny Mcqueen

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(Every friday, here at nerdbastards, you can come to find the sexy side of nerd pop culture in a little weekly feature we call “Sexy Cosplay of The Week”. Cosplay is a known term in the nerd-verse when fans dress up as their favorite characters from pop culture, either from movies, comics, TV, gaming and so on. A lot of times it’s quite sexy and what we do is find the sexy and bring it to you, you’re welcome.)

Cosplay and boobs are a wonderful pairing. Don’t you agree? It’s the reason this column came to be in the first place. In our pursuit of notable cosplayers we’ve come across plenty of num-nums, neeners and nay-nays but none quite as supple as the mound muffins of Ginny McQueen. Costuming since 1998 and modeling since 2002 this starry eyed bombshell has an angelic like bod topped with a gorgeous pair of god’s milk bombs. Suffice to say she was blessed with a form to oogle over. Fortunate for us, she knows how to display the goods in the nerdiest way possible. By being the best cosplayer since, well, nobody. Every cosplayer we’ve featured is good but baby this chick is magic. Ginny has constructed over 70 costumes in her time. Ranging from Manga/Anime, Video Games, Comics and more. This babe has rocked them all. Winning 18 costuming awards she’s obviously doing something right. While we nod our heads in approval at this cosplay creatives stellar costumes we too shall be smiling at her honking headlights.

Click after the jump for the very best of Ginny McQueen.

For the full experince hop on over to Ginny’s site:

Marki- Shining Force 3




Succubus- Castlevania: Symphony of the Night


Martina Zoana Mel Navratilova- Slayers Next


Dazzler- Dazzler


Nuku Nuku- All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku


ScarletFinal Fantasy VII


Seifer Almasy- Final Fantasy VIII


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