Winnie Cooper Gets Nude for Math!


Think about this…Fred Savage probably hit that. If that doesn’t make you want to cry, then I’ll take two of whatever you’re on. The star of many  teenage wet dreams, Danica McKellar is stripping down in the new issue of Maxim for math. Really? Hang on let me check my sources….shit, that is right.  Okay. After giving Kevin Arnold blue balls from ’88 to ’93 Winnie realized she was a math genius, and started writing  how to  math books (that is litterally THE most boring thing I’ve ever written. Luckily there are girly bits after the jump.)   With the release of her third book  Hot X: Algebra Exposed! she decided the best way to sell books is with tits. Wow, she really is a genius. High FIVE! Remember Knowledge is Power and boobs.

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